Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walking around Etsy

I have been busy lately around the house because we are moving out in a couple of week to our new home.
I have noticed that a lot of things are getting old and plus in our new home I am going to be able to have a studio for me and I don't have anything to decorate it with!

So as every week I decided to go out and take a walk around Etsy market!
This time I had plenty of time to have breakfast at home so when I got there I went  straight to find what I needed.

I knew I needed a new entree rug for my door so I stopped by darckcycleclothing shop.
When I got inside I saw a lovely couple drinking their coffee and surrounded by a lot of fun T-shirts!
I know you are thinking, how is she going to find a entree rug in a cloth store?..well they don't only sell T-shirt ,they sell cotton tote bags ,throw pillow and the rugs that I was looking for!!..isn't it great??

The rug is made of polypropylene and has a latex backing to keep the mat firmly in place.It has been screen printed with an eco-friendly water based black ink.

Now..what else did I need??..Oh yeah!...a notebook! of my goals for this years is to make my Etsy shop successful and for that I will need to keep up with all my sells and costs, and I need a place where I can make my sketches.

After walking around for a little while I found sweetlifepaper shop.
I just felt in love with it!..her shop was full of really clean and organic inspired stationery cards,note books and notepads.
And the cool part about it was that she personalize  them with your name! So at the end of it I came out of the shop with the hole set!

Now I just needed some new placemats for my breakfast table.But before I got to the store I started feeling hungry after all this walking around ,so I stopped by SkippingSkones shop to get me some Raspberry Sandwich cookies with lemon butter cream filling,they were so delicious!!

After all that sugar I was ready to keep walking searching for the missing placemats!
I found it in descoquelicots shop, their shop create useful and practical object,with the main characteristic of the soft and warm aspect of the felt as the main material.
This two Aqua felt placemats  were perfect for my home!

I knew I needed to keep shopping but It was getting late..times goes by so fast when I walk around etsy!
I will be back next week for more shopping ,how about you?


To Sew With Love said...

what a fun walk you had around etsy market!

BonAndChi said...

the place mats are fun! X3
they should do one where you have the "proper" placements for a formal dinner too~ XD

nice walk~!! X3
linky-ed too~ ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving etsy. It's a new place for me to shop! At the moment I am OBSESSED with cocktail rings and costume jewellery. But I have to say I really like the rug at the top. It's very cool.

Sahara's Heart said...

I am dreaming with it since I saw that rug!;^P


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