Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I love Pounce!

Today is pounce day!

Like every Tuesday I try to find new shops around with the Pounce button on Etsy!
This week I found Supercutetilly,a really cute one! I always had a soft spot for teddy bears and this one is full of it!

I asked her to tell me a little bit about her and her shop!

I have been working in the gift industry for the last ten or so years since I left University and I have decided that instead of going to the trade fairs looking at all the beautiful items I would like to be the one showing off the things she makes. The bears were something I made in my spare time, I never really intended to sell them but had so many lovely comments from people that I decided to give it a go. I love color so decided to make a few in different colors and fabrics but they take so long to make that they are on hold at the moment. My love for machine embroidery came when I was about 10, my mum and nan have always sewn and I watched them for years. Although they never freehand embroider they taught me the basics and I went from there.....I love my sewing machine and use it as a drawing medium. My inspiration usually comes from print although it could just be a song or it very comes off the back of something else I've made.....it's like a permanent ongoing process. My daughter also provides me with reasons to make things....hair clips and bobbles are always on her wish list. It has taken me a long time to realise what I want to do, I finally feel I'm in a good place :-)

Let me introduce you Disty, she is just too cute and it is one of my favorites!

She is around 40cm tall when she are standing and 28cm when sitting.she is made out of wool felt, cotton print fabric, cotton embroidery thread and poly filling. She have safety eyes and fabric covered buttons that joint her arms.

You can also find this Standing felt mushroom made out of wool felt and hand stitched using embroidery cotton. It also has a ribbon and twisted paper bow.

Do you need a journal??...she has very cute ones that you can remove and it is machine washable!!...just perfect!

Please take a look to her lovely store and give her your heart!


Supercutetilly said...

Thank you Laura, lovely post....speak later.

Nic xx

Maxabella said...

Hmmmm... your blog is a little bit broadcast, a little bit coffee and a little bit kitchen!!! x

Laura said...

lol..I guess I need to find my own table!!..thanks so much Maxabella!!;^P

To Sew With Love said...

i love your pounce post! And i love her teddy bears! so cute!

Alexandrine said...

really really super cute, love it

Tatter Beans said...

Oh I love this... so cute and adorable

Discola said...

These teddy bears are really cute!!
The colors, the fabric combination... simply lovely!
Have a nice day... or maybe night!

The Black Heart Revolution said...

I love these!!! Great pouncing :)

Jennie said...

LOVE!!! Great find!!

Megan Carroll said...

I sell on etsy- I should check out the pounce option some more!


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