Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love Pounce!

Today is Pounce day!

Like every Tuesday we try to find new shops around etsy using the pounce tool.

I always had a soft spot for things made out of wood, after I graduated from Art school I wanted to continue studying joinery but the money was tight and I had to start working, so today when I found Carlson Sculptural shop,something inside me woke up and made me think about going back to school and following my dream!

He sells beautiful  letter openers like this one made out of hardwood from countries in Central America. It has a reddish color with a lovely grain and smooth to the touch.

Born in Los Angeles and raised near the beach in Venice, Ralph was influenced by his parents’ artistic hobbies. His mother painted with oils and made jewelry, his father enjoyed both woodcarving and charcoal drawing.
As a child he liked drawing and putting plastic model cars together, adding details like black thread for spark plug wires and shock absorbers from ballpoint pen springs.He works with wood.metal,and fiberglass, and makes molds and castings on various mediums.
He LOVES making bowls which at first look like they are turned on a lathe, but are really cut in pieces like a pie - these are the kind of projects that produce the wood scraps that he uses for the letter openers. He hangs on to nice pieces of wood sometimes for years until the right project comes along.

He also has a web side called carlsonsculpturaldesign.com  at it and take a look of his magnificent creations like this three legged cabinet!

I personaly love this creamy yellow letter opener made from an exotic wood found in Brasil!

He just opened his shop a week ago and something on my heart tells me that it is going to be very successful!
Please take a look around his shop,you wont be disappointed!


Maxabella said...

I like your 'pounce' finds. What a great idea (another one!) from etsy. I'm glad you share. x

To Sew With Love said...

nice pounce... i love everything in his shop!

Discola said...

Good selection, Laura.
I love this kind of job and I also think this shop will be successful.
Pretty sharp "pouncing" woman ;)
Have a nice day ♥

Tatter Beans said...

Nice find.... Unusual to

Supercutetilly said...

Those letter openers are lovely....thanks for your lovely comment Laura, Nic <3

Miriam said...

Very nice openers indeed, I will look around the shop!


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