Thursday, February 17, 2011

Walking around etsy

Today was a lovely day to visit etsy market like every week!!

I woke up early,the sun was out and it was the perfect day to take a walk to the market!
I decided to take the shorter way to the market but to do that I had to take a mountain path. I was half way there when I found a turtle family.
It looks like they were lost so I picked them up and put them back inside the forest...

Amigurumi turtle family from FromShirlee

I kept walking, I could heard the birds singing on the background and feel the sun warming up my face,I was so distracted by the beautiful things around me that I almost step on a little mouse that was stading on the size of the road..

Online mouse class from barby303

 It looks like she was having a friendly conversation with her owl friend and as soon as they saw me,the disappeared into the forest.
I started to think that maybe the coffee that I took before I left home was making me to have weird visions!

I was just shaking that thoughts out of my head when i saw something that made my blood freeze,between the bushes I saw a little dragon,I couldn't believe my eyes!!

Dragon figurative sculpture from thefiligree

That was my clue to take off running and go back home!!!
I was getting really scare when I finnaly got home,I opened the door and what was my surprise when I found three little monsters waiting for me!!

cute monsters from jaravee

Every started to spin around me and then I woke up!!..I was dreaming the hole time!!...I looked at the clock and it was early in the morning,the sun was out and it was the prefect day to take a walk to the market....


Supercutetilly said...

What lovely creatures you met on your walk today, lovely picks today, Nic xx

Barby Anderson said...

Darling creations and story! Thank you for adding my wee mouse and Helen Priem's baby owl to your story!


Simply Smitten said...

Lol~ great fun to read! Thanks for the laugh! (And what great creations!)

Anonymous said...

That's fabulously, fantastically whimsical... and such a great idea for a blog post! Maybe I'll have to try it sometime. ;)

Laura said...

thanks!! are more than welcome to join us any time you want!!

To Sew With Love said...

lovely post, Laura! and cute little monsters and animals, too! ^^) great finds!

Suzy said...

Great post, super cute! Love the stories as you "walk" through etsy :)

Following you from Craftcount Team on Etsy, would love it if you followed mine as well

Domestic Goddess said...

Thank you for keeping an eye on my turtle family!

etsy w/tag line Linda @ FromShirlee


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