Thursday, February 10, 2011

Walking around Etsy

After a couple of weeks being stuck at home getting everything ready for our new beginning,I felt that I needed to go to Etsy market and pay a visit to some of my friends!

So that morning I woke up ,had some breakfast and walked out of the door ready to spend the day around my favorite people!
The first thing I did was stopping by my dear friend Delia,from Discola,we had a lot to talk about!:^P..she showed me one of her latest addition to her shop,I don't know what is going on with me and her rings but I just can't help myself, I would take them all home with me!

After spending some time with her I stopped by Sosorosey shop ,I needed to thank Jennie for the wonderful fabrics that I received on my mail last week from her shop sosovintage, and before I left I took a look around her shop and I found one of my favorites rugs!

Getting addictive to her fabrics and her creations is the right word to describe how I feel!;^P

Right by her shop there was TatterBeans shop,I walked inside and I saw Rachel with her camera ready to capture wonderful moments!

It was a pleasure talking to her for a while but it was getting late and I needed to go back home!
But before so I had to stop by Lalay shop ,Arcoiris and spend some time with her talking about my dear Spain!
She create wonderful baby cloths,head bands and brooches for our little ones!
I felt in love with this one so I had to take it home with me!

Now it was really late,I definitaly had to go back home,next week I will be back again!..will you walk with me?...If you want to share your walks around Etsy link your post!

Take care!!


To Sew With Love said...

thank you so much for including my item in this post, Laura! Wonderful post!

Lots of hugs!

Tatter Beans said...

Thank you for visiting with me today...
are you going to do this weekly?
if so I may just join in with you...

Laura said...

Yes Rachel,I have been doing it for the last few weeks,I just walk around my virtual etsy Market and shop!!;^P
I would be really happy if you join us!!

Discola said...

We had a good time this morning, Laura!
Thanks for visiting me!!
Take care darling ♥


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