Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year,New Life!

As we say in Spain, New Year,New Life!
This is the first time that I post on this blog so let me introduce myself.
I was born in Spain 31 years ago, I moved to the states when I married my husband and since then I have been moving from one state to an other!.
I love painting, reading, watching Bollywood movies and Animal Planet shows.

One of my greatest accomplishments this year was gonna be quitting smoking!.
Still is too early to say that I am officially an ex-smoker but I haven't try a cigarette in the last 4 days, I still miss smoking, but I can already see the results and it is worth it!.
Another change this year will be moving to a new home, at the end of this month we are moving into a house near downtown, with a great backyard for this crazy dog that we have (one day I will talk about my little Angel) and an extra room that will be my new studio!.I cant wait to get everything organized and ready!.

The new year has also brought new items to my store too, this is one of them!

Beautiful Japanese inspired pillow cover. I personally love this color combination,it can add an elegant touch to any bedroom or sofa.

Take care everybody!


Díscola said...

Congrats for this blog!! Me encanta. Te animo a que sigas adelante con él.
Ya me he hecho seguidora. La primera!! :))
Your new pillow is gorgeous! Qué monada!
Go ahead!!
Kisses ♥

Sahara's Heart said...

Muchas gracias por tu apoyo Discola!!

Take care!!


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