Friday, January 7, 2011

My little Angel

Hello Everybody!

Today I am going to introduce you my Angel.
She came home 6 months ago when she was around 9 weeks old and as soon as she put her paw in our home she took over!! ;^P
First she conquered our hearts,she was the cutest puppy ever!

Then she took over her new bed,what a way to sleep right!!.
This will be the first bed of many others that she will have and that she will eat!
A few weeks later she took over my favorite blanket, this time it took her a few month until she decided to eat it!

And finally she took over our sofa!!..she tried and tried for months to get up there with us, until one day she got a little sick, I put her on the sofa with me and after that she never left!

And this is her now, 8 months old and more than 50 pounds later!...she drives me crazy but i can not imagine my life without her right now!

Today one of my items got featured in a beautiful treasury made by, a member of North Florida Craft Revolution team, take a look and enjoy it!

Take care everybody!!


Díscola said...

Lovely Angel!! Sólo cuando tienes animales sabes cuánto se les puede querer, right?
Have a nice day!

Sahara's Heart said...

yeah,she give me tough love sometimes but I still love her!!..gracias por tus comentarios!


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