Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Joel

One of my best friend had her first baby almost a month ago,she named him Marcos Joel, around 8 lb of cuteness!!

I am not really good buying gift for kids,I always get the wrong size on cloths!,so I decided that what a better gift that something made with my own hands!

Here is how I started my project, a few pieces of fabric, scissors, ribbon, thread and lots of love!!

After a couple of hours and more than one finger prick, here was the result!.
I hope she like it!:^P


Díscola said...

Very beautiful gift!
I'm sure she liked it, and the baby will like it too, when he grows a little ;))
Have a nice day

Sahara's Heart said...

Thanks Delia..I cant wait for her to see it!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Im loving it!!! and im sure that Joel will also love this gift from auntie Laura. GRACIAS!!!!


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