Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sahara's Heart

Today I would love to tell you the story of why my store is called Sahara's Heart.

In many cities of Spain many families decide to bring their help  to Sahara's refugees.
My family heard about it one day and after thinking about it for a while we decided to do it. My sister and I were already grown and my parents needed to feel the joy of having a kid in the house, so we decided to bring a girl during the three months of summer and take her out of the desert during the worst months of the year.

I still remember as it was yesterday the day that we went to pick her up. The room was full of families waiting for their new temporary members of the family, everybody was full of uncertainty, nervous and curiosity.
They suddenly came into the room, they all had coal-black eyes bright as stars.

When they pronounced my name, I thought my heart were going to come out of my chest, which  one will be mine?.And there she was, tiny like a flea,with huge beautiful eyes, wiry hair and a dress too big for her body!. She was trembling like a bird when I took her hand.

Her the second year with us,she was 9 years old
 I remember her turning the light on and off all the time, getting out of the house and closing the door just to be able to ring the doorbell, the first hug when we bought her new cloths.
I never saw in such young eyes that much  knowledge and history. A history full of pains and deceptions, a history that their ancestors have been dragging for a long time,a lost motherland, a land that may will never be theirs again.

  By the end of the summer she stole our heart.. that was it!. .she kept coming to our home during four summers, until she turned twelve and  she was too old to come.
Her name is Aichetu, right now she is a beautiful 18 years old girl full of life!

Aichetu a year ago.
I had the pleasure of being able to go to visit her a few times to the desert, my experience there was one of the most wonderful experience of my life, and  I  will always have them in my heart. For that reason my store is called Sahara's Heart.

One day, I will tell you some of my experiences in the desert,I could be talking about them for hours!

Everybody take care!!


Díscola said...

Beautiful story.
I had already heard about this kind of help to Sahara's refugees and I always thought that people who did that were great people with a really good heart.
It has been a pleasure to know that from you.
Have a nice day!

Sahara's Heart said...

believe me..they give us way more than what we give them!...the experience is wonderful..I recommend it to everybody!

Gracias guapa For leaving your comments!

Debby Collier-Winchester said...

What a beautiful account! We are always enriched and made greater when we give to others, whether or not they see and appreciate. It's so beautiful to make a difference in the life of another, to be able to give the gift of oneself. I'm glad to know the relationship was ongoing, and hope you can continue to keep in touch with Aichetu, and give us updates!

To Sew With Love said...

what a touching story... now, I know the story behind the name...


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