Monday, January 24, 2011

Beach or Mountains?

Last week question was about who you love the most,cats or dogs. It ended up almost with tie..but the winners are cats!!;^P

Cats are the most popular pets in the world, they have been with humans for at least 9.500 years!
They are fun,clever and adorable!

Here it is some curiosities about them..

The oldest cat in the world lived for 36 years.
They obey women easily because they perceive better high-pitched sounds.
In the ancient Egypt,when a woman was very beautiful she was called "cat" and to look more pretty they use to paint lines in their eyes imitating the look of cats.
Chocolate,coffee and aspirin are poisonous for our little furry friend.I know it sounds obvious,but just in case some body didn't know!

And now lets talk about our three featured seller for today!

Our first seller is BonAndChi ,they are actually two seller in one, it doesn't mean that one is inside the other like the Russians doll,they are husband(Bon) and wife(Chi)!
They opened their shop on November last year and since then they have been creating fun and unique photo holders,charm ornaments and figures made out of polymer clay!

Take a look to their shop and don't leave without one of their items!

Our second seller is LibbyGirlyThings ,she makes beautiful hair bows for our little princesses and cute little felt dolls that I personally love,they are adorable!
Like this redhead here,isn't she cute??

Please stop by her shop and get some for your little ones!!

And our third  seller today is Discola, originally from Barcelona,Spain,this artist create grate handmade accessories mixing leather,fabric,felt,buttons and beads.
In her shop you will find leather and crochet cuffs, mixed materials necklaces and bracelets,leather broochs, rings and earings. Everything a women can dream of!

This one is one of my favorites!!..stop by her shop and give her some love!

This week question is ...What do you enjoy more, going to the beach or the mountains?
Looking forward to see your comments!
Take care!


To Sew With Love said...

I enjoy hiking the mountain since I have the beach in front of my house ^^)

Díscola said...

Ohhh... BonAndChi and LibbyGirlyThings items are so cute...! I love them!
Thanks for including me next to them!
I really appreciate it!
It's difficult for me to choose between beach or mountains because I like both, but... my vote this week goes to... BEACH!!
Have a nice day! ♥

BonAndChi said...

Oh wow!! thanks so much for including me Laura~ feel lucky today! yay! (no wonder you said to check out your blog today! teehee~)

Wow~ discola's creations are cool~ Libby's of course cute! ;)

yeah.... me too like Discola i like both the beach and mountains... :T but since i'm living in sunny California at the moment i'd have to say BEACH too! XD

Have a great week! good luck with your move Laura!


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