Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

Today I am feeling a little lazy and sad, my husband had to leave us today for a few days and I am not used to it.
I am used to be a lot of hours by myself, but in the end of the day I know he is going to come back home and he is going to sleep by my side.
What am I going to do the next couple of days?? I have some friends coming over on Monday night and they are staying for a few days,that is going to be grate for me and GG (my puppy)..they have kids and she love kids, she love licking them and knocking  them over too!

This morning I took her out for a while and we played soccer together, well I was kick the ball and she was picking it up and running away from me!

Later on i will take here out for play time with her best friend milky,an adorable boxer/lab mix who has a lot of patient with the little GG!..they love fighting for the same pine cone,stick or whatever they find out there!

Milky and GG kissing each other..they are too cute!

I am posting today two of my latest treasuries...and I wanted to thank all my teammates for featuring me in their beautiful treasuries!


Jennie said...

It is an adjustment at night when the hubby is away. Mine doesn't travel much, but the few times he has been gone without me I always feel weird about it beforehand. Then he goes, and I end up enjoying having the place to myself for a little bit! Do something just for you and the time will fly by... a chick flick, a bottle of wine...

Sahara's Heart said...

You are right jennie,it feels weird first but I am using all this "free" time to relax,take a double look to my shop,upgrade a few things and just lay on the sofa and watch tv!!!;^P


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