Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kinda retro pillow??!!?!

Yesterday I finished the new pillow for my shop...most of the time I know the title of it and I don't have a lot of problems making a description of it..but this one I wasn't really sure!
So since my dog cant really answer any of my question, the only things she can do is look at me and turn her head to one side, I decided to ask my husband about his opinion....I don't even know why I did it!

I showed him the pillow... he said "Nice!..humm cute!!" . and he kept doing his things.
So I tried again..."what do you think about it??."..he said "Nice! is very nice!."
After the second "nice"..I felt that all the blood from my body where coming up to my head and my nostrils where getting bigger every second.
I took a deep breath and I decided to ask him a different question hoping that he would give me a different answer!.
"So ...when you see does it feels??..what style do you think it is??."
He looked at me,then he looked at the pillow,then back to me and say.."I don't know honey...I don't know about styles!"...more blood where coming up to my head..I think I even felt some smoke coming out of my ears!
Ok last try, I thought.."Do you see retro when you see the pillow??" ..and he said..."Kinda!"
what mean kinda?...maybe yes?...maybe no?...yes but no?? can something looks like kinda some?
After that I gave up and I decided to ask you guys about what type of look you think is the most characteristic!

I would really appreciate your opinions!!...looking forward to see your comments!
take care!


Naturally Carol said...

A little bit retro...from the sixties..and rather contemporary with that colour combinationa and the pattern on the orange your husband wasn't too far from the point...I say...tentatively? I think the cushion is beautiful and very creative though...well done!

Sahara's Heart said...

thanks so much Carol!!

To Sew With Love said...

a modern look with a touch of retro ^^)

Jennie said...

I'd call that retro modern... and VERY beautiful!!

Sahara's Heart said...

thanks Girls!;^P

Díscola said...

mmmmmm... hippy chic??? hahah..!
I don't know, Laura, but I can say that is one my favorites, believe me.
Have a nice day!

Clara said...

All I know is that it is is pretty and I think it is stylish.


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