Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday the three kings came home!!...I know, I know ...a little late..but better later than never!!

I have been waiting a few thing on my mail for a few weeks and finally they arrived!!.
One mail was from my family in Spain, it was full of everything!!...candies,sweets,cloths,shoes,everything that I can dream of and that are really hard to find around here!

And the other was a mail with new fabrics!!..\o/,,,I am really happy about it!!

As soon as the fabrics come to my home, sometimes even before they get here,I start thinking about what can I make with them,some times the idea doesn't come until I am working with the fabric!!..So I never know how my pillows are going to end up!

today I am participating in the Undiscovered team treasury challenge! is my treasury this week..I hope you guys like it!!..Don't forget to stop by the Undiscovered Artists of Etsy blog and vote for your favorite one!!


To Sew With Love said...

What a lucky girl you are! You must have been a very good girl last year because you got so many gifts! ^^)

Jennie said...

Great job on the treasury! I love that employee t-shirt- I may need one of them for myself :)

Díscola said...

I'm glad you received your gift, at last!
Now... happy crafting!
Have a nice day ♥


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