Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walking around Etsy

To me Etsy is like a market, one of those placed in a beautiful small town by the beach or the mountains,where you can walk around, enjoy and take a look of all kinds of little individuals shops and find all kinds of wonderful handmade products from local artisans!
Yesterday I went to take a walk around this beautiful market,it was really early in the morning!, and because I left home in a hurry I didn't have the chance to have breakfast, so I decided to stop on danaspin shop and take a nice cup of coffee!;^)

After having my wonderful coffee I started walking around,I was amaze of how many beautiful things I was finding and then I realize that I forgot to pick a bag to carry all the items that I was about to buy!!
Right in front of me I saw a cute little shop named translatica that was selling a crocheted bag,it was perfect for me!!

Now I was ready!!!..humm..what do I need??...oh yeah! I remember my mom told me that she needed a bracelet to match her new outfit!

I started walking around,looking trough all the wonderful shops but I couldn't find the right one!..I was about to give up when I saw it!!

 It was perfect!...the store was named DBeadery ,when I got inside a nice lady was waiting for me with a beautiful and welcoming smile in her face!

After all this running around looking for the bracelet I felt really tired so I decide to stop by hamanica, a nice shop where you can find all kind of handmade hammock to lay and rest after a long day of walking around.

It felt so good ...and I was so tired... that i felt sleep!..I woke up a few hours later ready to keep walking around but it was already too late..I needed to go back home!:^(
After that beautiful day I promised myself to come back every Thursday and take a walk around etsy!!..Do you want to walk with me next time??;^P


Díscola said...

Of corse I want! I'll be there with you.
Thanks for share this amazing shops in so beautiful way.
Have a nice day ♥

To Sew With Love said...

wow! would love to do this and link up! ^^)

Jennie said...

Sure, I'll come along! That hammock is AMAZING!!

To Sew With Love said...

hi, Laura. I have accepted yor invitation and I also took a walk around Etsy:

DemyBlackDesign said...

Amazing story!!! Would love to!

BonAndChi said...

cool idea! :D
might do one next week too! X3

To Sew With Love said...

something's telling me this would be fun, ladies! ^^)

Clara said...

I love that crocheted bag!

Dana said...

You have such a lovely blog! I love the idea of walking around Etsy, thanks for including my photograph!

Felicity said...

Thank you for introducing me to hamanica - we have three in our home and am always on the lookout for another - the one picture looks just like it could be it!

x Felicity

PS So pleased to have found you via Maxabella's - you are only the second Sahara I've 'met' - the other is my 3yo niece.

Sahara's Heart said...

I am glad you found you hammock though me!!..I am in love with it too..I just have to wait for now to get it;^P


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