Friday, January 14, 2011

I felt in love with felt!

A few weeks ago I discovered the wonderful world of felt and I felt in love with it!! \o/

When we first moved to Florida I decided to make a felt doll...I don't know what I was thinking!
I went to the local craft store and I got a lot of felt sheets..again..I don't know what I was thinking!!.
I came home and I started working with it...the result was the ugliest doll  I have ever seen!.I remember we used to make them at the school but I completely forgot how, and maybe because I was around 9 years old then, I thought that they were the prettiest and coolest doll ever!! more time...I don't Know what I was thinking!!
Sad and disappointed  I put all my little sheets in a bag and I left them in the deepest corner of my closet.

A few month later when I opened my Etsy shop I decided to dust off all my scraps and sewing tools and there they were waiting patiently!! I took them out and left them there with the rest of my fabrics.
After Christmas I started thinking about valentine's day and a little light ball popped up on top of my I was finally thinking!!

I went back to rescue them!, I started playing with them and experimenting with the different colors,they were so much fun!! and by the end of the night this were the results, two cute little brooch ready for Valentine's day!

Aren't they cute???..and here it comes my last creation, if you like hot pink color this is the heart for you!!

And since love never expire or have a language I will write the letter "love" on any language that you tell me to!

Take care!!


Clara said...

Very, very cute!

To Sew With Love said...

the cutest brooches I have ever seen! ^^)

Díscola said...

Felt in love with felt is a fun pun!
Cool brooches, darling!
Take care ♥

Jennie said...

Those are totally adorable, Laura!! I love the way you wrote about your experience, too :)


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