Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I love Pounce!!

Today is Pounce day!!

I was pouncing around and I found Shopmiette!
She opened her shop just a few days ago and her work is amazing!

Amanda Spicer is the creator and curator of the mietteboutique, and shopmiette
She was born in 1975, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, an area commonly known as Estrie. She later moved to Saskatoon Saskatchewan where she spent most of her school years. It was there that she met her husband . The couple and their four children now live in Calgary Alberta. A completely self taught artist Amanda continues to teach herself new methods and mediums all the time in between drinking large amounts of coffee, enjoying the more than occasional glass of wine, and eating cookies. Drawing inspiration from Tarot, Fairy tales, nightmares and mysteries, mixed with a light dose of humour,The narrative illustrations that she creates have come from a far distant corner of the artists imagination. Where they are going, ... is open to your interpretation.

I asked her to tell me about her work and how she do it and this is what she told me!

"To achieve my desired final look for one of my pieces, it generally becomes a three step process. It can be a long way to the finish line when I am working away on a piece, but I enjoy it, and relish in the satisfaction when I feel that a piece is complete. Below is an example of how it starts out, and the finished illustration. ( I usually do not digitally colour my artworks)
First of course I start with a sketch in pencil, then so that the graphite does not conflict with my ink, I go over all of my lines with a nearly invisible sepia coloured pen, and I erase all of the pencil. Next, I colour the whole piece using inks, pens, water colours, and all final touches or backgrounds are done using acrylic paint, Voila, , some time later I am finished. The completion marks for me a sort of creative validation, and a license to create more works."

This is one of my favorites items from her shop!, Jenny and the rabbit archival card

And this one Humpty Dumpty card is just adorable!!

Please take a look around her shop and give her your heart!!


Jennie said...

Great find- what beautiful work!!

Tatter Beans said...

oh my goodness..totally awesome find well done... Im off to visit her shop and give it some love

Díscola said...

Jenny and the rabbit are so cool...!
Thanks for sharing this lovely and fresh Etsy shop.
Have a nice day! ♥

BonAndChi said...

omgosh~ love her work! X3

Anonymous said...

Thanks so incredibly muchly!!!!! You've made my day! Merci, Amanda Spicer

Sahara's Heart said...

lol...You Welcome Amanda,it was a pleasure!!

Holeestars said...

You did a great job nice article great find!

To Sew With Love said...

what a talented artist!

Maxabella said...

Wow her stuff is from another world. I love it. I'm going over to check out her site. Thanks for the introduction, Sahara. x


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