Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love Pounce!!

Today is tuesday and it is pounce day!!

Like every tuesday we try to find new shop around Etsy with the pounce button,this week I found one that facinated me,I always loved dolls,there is something misterious about them and they are so delicate.
When I found lesleyjanedoll I felt in love with her dolls!

I asked her to tell us a bit about her and her work!

 I live in a small town called Arbroath in the North East of Scotland and I started making dolls around about a year ago when I saw a book by the doll guru Patti Medaris-Culea. I had never imagined that dolls could look so intricate and beautiful, and I wanted to learn how to make them too. My first attempts were dreadful! However, I kept going and practiced a lot, and soon friends were buying them and ordering more...and so here I am today on Etsy (just starting out, but feeling hopeful!)

Being a bit of a clothes-addict myself seems to influence my dolls as I am always collecting pictures and photos of dresses and outfits that I like, and trying to think how I can turn them into a doll costume. If I see a picture of a beautiful face or some lovely jewellery, then I save it in my 'doll inspiration' folder so that I have ideas for my next creation. The dolls themselves take around 3 days each to make (if I am feeling energetic....if I am feeling lazy then they take a lot longer!) My favourite part to do is the hair, and my least favourite part is making the clay limbs because I always have sore hands after a clay-session!

 In my spare (non-doll-making) time I love walking my dog, shopping with my sister and learning Spanish - which I have been trying to do forever and I'm really awful at it! :D

Isn't she grate???..her and her shop are lovely and just looking at her dolls make me want to try to learn how to create them too!!
Please take a look to her shop and give her all of your hearts!!..and If I was you I would take one of her beautiful dolls home!!...I know I will soon or later!!;^P


Discola said...

Gorgeous!! Laura, how can you find so beautiful fresh shops?? I'm impressed.
I'm going to visit this shop right now!
Have a nice day!

Jennie said...

What a unique talent! Thank you for sharing :


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