Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OWOH winner annoucement!

Today I am making the announcement of the winner of my door prize for the OWOH event!
And the winner is....SARAH!!!
Congratulation Sarah, one of my flamenco doll brooch are going to go to your home!!

Yesterday a little snail arrived to home from Poland !!

She is a gift from asiabataev give away,isn't she cute??...thank you so much Asia she is lovely and she will have an special place on my home and my heart!!

take care everybody!!


Maxabella said...

How cute is that little snail! Love him!!

I have reopened the blingy linky. I think I'll keep it open all week just in case there are some late blingers amongst us. x

Discola said...

I love this crochet snail!!!
and congrats to Sarah!

Jennie said...

Love the snail- totally adorable! And congrats, Sarah!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Laura! YOU won one of my little birds on the OWOH giveaway. I can't see your email address anywhere so am contacting you here. I'll need your snail mail address so I can send you a bird! Talk soon, *smiles* Norma

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh oh I am happy dancin'!! I am so thrilled...I so loved these dolls..whoot!!! Thank you soooo much!!! She will have a sweet spot in my studio..I looove her!!!
Hugs, Sarah

Anonymous said...

I am happy you like the Happy Snail :-)))
Thank you for featuring it here! Great pics, anyway... I will have to wait 5 more months for such sun...


Thank you all for the good words about the snail.

Laura, my exams are over and I am slowly getting through all those activities I haven't been doing while learning.

So I will be your regular guest, again :-)))


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